Panorama of major events in Kuwait University in 2009

Kuwait university achievements during 2009 : His highness the Amir asked to name the new university in shedadiya '' City of Sabah Al-Salem University''.

University resolutions to establish a faculty of Architecture, faculty of Science and Computer Engineering and the prevention of smoking in university buildings.

The University and the ministry of health signed an agreement to transfer the ownership of Mubarak hospital to the center of the medical science in 2013 and other advisory services agreements between the University and the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

The College of Business Administration was ranked 240 among the top 300 administrative college in the world.

The year 2009 was full of numerous important events and occasions for Kuwait University in addition to the many achievements at all levels and in various academic fields such as the scientific, research and students related fields, as well as at the level of the departments and different centers in the university which adds to its outstanding accomplishments through the past forty-three years.

The division of Journalism in the Department of Public Relations and Media has monitored the most important events that passed on Kuwait University during the whole year, summarized as follows.


His highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah honored the top students of Kuwait University for the academic year 2007/2008.

The director of Kuwait University Prof. Abdullah al-Fuhaid issued a decree to form the media team in charge of the University City project headed by Dr., Yasser Mahgoub.

Kuwait University announced the admission of unidentified nationality students of Kuwaiti women.

The college of science sat up a conference about land deterioration sponsored by the university director.

The director of the consultation and training office in the College of Science Dr.Haider Behbehani won the award of Kuwait.

The Financial Committee in the Research Department agreed to finance two projects of public facilities in college of science.

The university director sponsored the opening ceremony of the university spring camp.


The director of Kuwait University Prof. Abdulla Al-Fuhaid sponsored the first annual conference of breast diseases and reconstruction surgeries.

The Committee of Scientific Affairs authorized the extention of the school day until 8 p.m.

Submitting the service building in City of Sabah Al-Salem University in Shedadiya.

The foundation of a media center in City of Sabah Al-Salem University in Shedadiya.

The Finance Committee in the research department in Kuwait University agreed to establish two labs in the department of Electrical Engineering for the public facilities.

Libraries administration in Kuwait University organized a training course on the unified Arabic index.

The Minister of Education and Higher Education sponsored the honoring of 186 of the top students.

The students of Architecture department in the Engineering and Petroleum College participated in the international competition of the International Association of the Humanitarian Environment.

Kuwait university participated in the (Edio Kuwait ) exhibition which was sponsored by the Deputy Minister of Higher Education Dr. Rasha Al-Sabah


His highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah sponsored the opening of the 42nd session of the Council of the Federation of Arab Universities with the participation of more than 190 academic Arabic institution.

His highness the crown prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah sponsored the graduation ceremony of class 38 of


The University Council agreed on collecting students rewards in the range of 450 D.K and approved appointing deans for the Post Graduate Studies Colleges, students' affairs, admission, register and social science.

Kuwait University ( center of community service and continuing education) signed an agreement with Abu gazalah company for Consulting and Intellectual property to adopt training and qualify for tests given by Cambridge International Diploma in information Technology CID-IT.

The University hosted the work of the forth scientific gulf- Moroccan conference '' the movement of man and business''

The College of Social Science organized the forum '' towards a better childhood future''

The College of Science organized a conference on arid environments and land deterioration.

The Center of Information System honored the distinguished members of the academic staff, employees and students in using E. learning.

The University Director sponsored the Financial Islamic Conference which was organized by College of Sharia and Islamic Studies.


The University Council approved extending the retirement age up to 70 years, increasing university salaries of the academic staff members, adopting the new financial rules for the community service and continuing education center and approving the clinical reward of the pharmacology students and the field award of education students.

Kuwait University grants Anwar Al Nouri, the first secretary general in Kuwait University, an honorary doctorate.

Prof. Faiza Al-Kharafie was honored at Ajman emirate in UAE for her role in disseminating culture and science.

Kuwait University was honored in the Science Day celebration at Om Almomnen association in Ajman Emirate.

Secretary of state Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Al-Sabah sponsored honoring the distiguished students in the university.

The Minister of Information Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid sponsored the sixth gulf media exhibition which was organized by the Media Department.

Kuwait University participated in the eighth world conference of physical activities and public health

The Minister of Interior Sheikh Jaber Al-Khalid issued a decree to accept employees of the interior in the university study.

The opening of the fifth annual conference of libraries.

Kuwait University participated in the Kuwaiti cultural week in Egypt.


Starting applying the fingerprint system on all university employees except directors of departments.

Kuwait University and Ministry of Education participated in the environment conference.

Kuwait University signed a contract to construct the Education College building in Kaifan.

The College of Business Administration was ranked 240 among the top 300 administrative college in the world.

Kuwait University threw a reception in the honor of the academic staff members who won in the national assembly elections in 2009.

Dr .Firyal Abo Rabee, the Assistant Vice president of the Scientific Affairs and the earthquake expert, announced the intention of Kuwait University to create a network of seismic monitoring.

The College of Art honored Dr.Yagoub Yusuf Al-Gunaim.


The Secretariat organized its annual celebration and honored both distinguished work centers and employees.

Opening the first poster day in the Literature and Humanitarian Colleges in collaboration with the research department.

College of Social Science threw the closing ceremony for honoring a group of distinguished members in the faculty.

The University signed a contract of designing the students activities and sport buildings in the City of Sabah Al-Salem University in Shedadiya.

The adoption of the school day timing at the university from 8 am to 8 pm.

KU signed a contract of 199 thousand dinars with a consultant office to modify the design of college of art.

KU signed a contract to oversee the implementation of Alshedadiya project.

The deans councils of University approved the incentive rewards for professors and the mission list of the enrolled.

The Director of the University sponsored the second students poster day in allied health science.

The University Director sponsored the design projects exhibition of the students in the College of Engineering and Petroleum.

The Safety and Security Department distributed surveillance cameras at all facilities at the university.


Some resolutions of the University Council:

Increasing the number of the accepted students up to 6800 at the university.

Admitting the students of unidentified nationality of Kuwaiti women in the College of Higher Education.

Approving the memorandum of modifying the financial grants of researchers of the academic staff member and researchers.

Approval of establishing a College of Architecture.

Increasing the annual financial support for the students union up to 30,000 K.D.

Prof. Abdullah Al-Fuhaid, the University President, honored the winners of the projects of post graduate studies

Concluding contracts of college designing in Shedadiya after the visit of the consultant delegation form USA.

The University Secretariat sat up its annual ceremony and honored both the distinguished work center and employees in the university departments.

The Secretariat organized the university email competition with the cooperation of the Public Relation and Media Department.

The College of Engineering and Petroleum signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

The Tunisian ambassador welcomed the Kuwaiti delegation who participated in the twelfth scientific forum in Tunisia.

The University launched an awareness campaign to fight smoking.

The University approved appointing the Kuwaiti retired academic staff members

The College of Business Administration signed a memorandum of understanding with the largest research institution in Japan.


Opening the conference'' the student movement in the Arabian Gulf.. Towards a partnership that serves the countries''

September :

Forming the higher committee to fight the swine flu epidemic.


His highness the Amir asked to name the new university in Shedadiya '' City of Sabah Al-Salem University''.

Submitting the service building in city of Sabah Al-Salem University in Shedadiya.

Starting the study in Kuwait university for the academic year 2009-2010 and launching the awareness swine flu epidemic campaign.

The student's library sat up for the first time textbook exhibitions in the university faculties.

The Gulf Studies and the Arabian Peninsula center signed a collaboration agreement with King Abdul-Aziz Association in Saudi Arabia.

A press conference was held to define Khalifa award, the emirate educational award for culture and knowledge.

The Office of Counseling and Career Development in the College of Engineering and Petroleum signed a cooperation agreement with the American Society of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineers ''Asheri''.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Munais ,the Vice President for the academic support services, launched Afaq newspaper cultural conference for the Arab and foreigners students.

November :

43 years since the establishment of Kuwait University.

The University and the Ministry of Health signed an agreement to transfer the ownership of Mubarak hospital to the Center of the Medical Science in 2013.

Signing an advisory services agreements between the University and the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

The Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah sponsored the launch of the seminar events '' Jerusalem is the heart of the Arabic conscience'' which was organized by the Arab journal of humanities.

Kuwait University participated in the conference of fighting cancer which was organized by the Ministry of Health from the 9th to the 11th of November.

Kuwait University signed a scientific partnership agreement with the company of developing medical and technological work 'Amfen'

Kuwait University organized the first Kuwaiti conference of services and electronic systems with the collaboration of the World Organization of Computing and its Mechanisms, ACM and the IEEE International Foundation.

Taf of the first Kuwaiti-French Chemistry conference '' the Conference of French Chemistry''

College of Science organized the physics festival.

The Research Department accomplished its first joint project with UNESCO on Interconnection networks based on fixed-nanotechnology. And the winning of Kuwait University in the initiative UNESCO-HP Brain Gain among many countries.

The University President issued a decree of appointing Faisal Maqseed, the Director of Public Relations and Media, the spokesperson of Kuwait University.


Some of the most important decisions of the deans' committee:

Establishing a College of Computer Science and Engineering, preventing smoking in university buildings, approving the financial list project of the research services unit.

The third International Kuwait Petroleum Conference KIPCE 2009 was held by College of Engineering and Petroleum under the title '' to meet future requirements of energy for long term economical growth.

Secretary General of the university formed a committee to activate the provisions of the charter of University work.

Kuwait University participated in workshops of the second gulf internet week.

The College of Social Science signed an understanding memorandum with Kuwait Association for the differences in learning ''KALD''


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